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● SL Fashion Week ●
Weekly Event ______________________________________________________________________ _____________

Every year, the streets of New York are folded with the top designers of the world, and most sought after models around. Hairspray, double sided tape, and hidden trans-fat high calorie burgers, fill the scene when you walk behind the glamorous catwalk and through the curtain to the backstage of any of these runway show.

What we don’t ever see is the world before the flashbulbs bursting into our eyes. What does it look like without the thrill of cameras and an audience? The dressing room with manic people all about and fashion at it’s rawest. This is the real SL Fashion Week.

Bringing together the best and freshest styles and items on the grid, SL Fashion Week will be a weekly event geared towards bring you fashion that’s both affordable and high end. Behind the glitz and glamor you will find a world all of it’s own. Fashion models and designers running here and there

SL Fashion Week will bring you:
● New round each week
● Prices ranging from 50L to 70L
● Exclusive items for SL Fashion Week

Each Designer will get to make 1 to 6 items for this event. Along with that, and this being a new event, there is no booth fee!

We are taking designer and blogger applications at the moment.

● Designer App:…

● Blogger App:…

We want to bring the world of the super model to you, but not from the catwalk but from the curtain call. Each designer will bring to our event new and exiting items that reflect their style.

Remember to join our flickr group:

And our in world group as well to keep updated on anything new happening in SL Fashion Week. (copy paste this into your local chat and click the link to join)
⇝ secondlife:///app/group/06035179-ad63-92b2-7726-47109237b3fd/about

LM to Infocenter: SL FASHION WEEK ~ weekly event

If you have anymore questions, comments, or concerns, please contact one of the following people.

SL Fashion Week Staff:
⋙Event Support: SLFashionWeek Resident -> All Application and techinal support questions
⋙Event Manager: Rose (NamiNaeko Resident)
⋙Event Manager: ƇΛИDY (AnnaGrey Resident)
⋙Assistant Manger: Yumi Katana

Created by: ƇΛИDY & Rose 2012



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