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Deesse’s Skins – LOOKING FOR- Summer Models contest

H E R E  !

Deesse’s skins is about to release the three limited summer skins. So to showcase those new limited skins, the best way possible, we need 3 beautiful ladies to be the new faces of Deesse’s Skins.

To enter the contest we need to see your pretty faces and sexy bodies by the DIVA skin ONLY in those tones: Ice Frappe, Milky Coffee, Caramel Mocha. (which are available in the store at a super reduce price).

Please make a notecard that contains 2 images of you ( headshot & fullbody) with our DIVA skin that you can find in our store. You must do the photos with a swimwear on you. We want summer theme, but no sunglasses or tattoo makeup please.We accept Photoshop, but keep the photo as natural as you can.

Please join and add the photos with the same name that it is bellow in our F L I C K R group:

Name the notecard: Deesse’s Skins – Contest Application – Your Name

Name the pictures as seen below:

Deesse’s skins – Contest: HEADSHOT – Your Name

Deesse’s skins – Contest: FULLBODY – Your Name

Entries must be sent to NatalieWells up until 15th July 2012, the photoshot will take place on the 17th-18th July

You must join in Deesse’s Skins group to see if you are the big winner! We’ll announce at the end of 15th July

Feel free to add any more info about yourself that might be interesting in the notecard. Please add your Flickr, Facebook etc if you have. We are looking for more than just a pretty face, we want your personality to shine through. This skins will be ones of a kind unique designs so we need very special ladies for this job.

The winners will get the full Summer Limited Collection that contains 3 skins and everyskin got 5 tattoo eyelashes & 5 tattoo lipsticks, so they can make thier unique look and the images will be showcased at the store, also the images will be in blogs, flickr, facebook etc. Whether you are an established model or a new upcoming talent, this is a great opportunity for everyone to see what you can do.

Feel free to contact N a t a l i e  W e l l s  for any question.

Good luck to all!!


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