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You My Doll,

Come my pretty doll, tonight I’ll take along to the dance
Come and play with me. Tell me a wonderful story.
Wear our best dress, and a beautiful hairdressing with thousand diamonds
Tonight is a big night, we will meet Prince Charming

Come my pretty doll that I take your hand
Come and I’ll make you the biggest cuddle
Dance, sing and laugh my sweet friend
Dream together and let them do the magic

Come my beloved doll before time do you abyss
Come and do not forget these sublime adventures
I do not want you turn out the shine of your eyes or your smile
Always think about the best memories

Come my old doll, as you I have worn
Come and do not cry even though I had to abandon you
I remember my childhood and you’re always there
And even if the sentence has replaced our joy
Even if time has silenced
Know that I will never forget your existence.

Shocoon Verwood







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