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.:Spotlight on … Buttercups:.

Today, I would like to talk about a shop i really love, because it represents all that fashion should be:
a good quality for a good price.
As fashionistas and blogger, 
I am not afraid to say that we spend lots of money. 
So of course quality has a price and nothing is free in life.
Buttercups is the rest of the wallet but not the death of talent, at the contrary.
Kaydence Genezzia gives us a large range of clothing. 
Asymetric dresses, classy coats and bright leggings.
Buttercups can dress you for every moment of the day and the night.
So if you wanna be "in" without being out of "out" of your budget,
 now you know where to go.

 on me(left)
hair: Buttercups Chocolate Kaydee hair
skin: :::LS::: Diary
dress: Buttercups black zipper down dress
earrings:[glow] studio Colours of zebra
bra: Azoury (part of)
legging: Pink Acid Leopard legging
shoes: Azoury Psychedelic

on Mumu(right)
hair: MAITREYA - Nimue Pecan
dress: Buttercups
necklace: [ glow ] studio  Decoy
bangles:[ glow ] studio  Decoy
bag:[croire] chic chain clutch (purple and gold)
shoes:[label mode] Amber shoe - pink

on me
hair: Fab-U-lous Rebecca
make up: chelle Rainbow eyes
vest: Magi Take Denim Jacket (black)
dress: Buttercups Carcoal/black corset dress
belt: [chuculet] Low waist leather belt
shoes: Combat boots

on Mumu
hair:[CheerNo] Hair Julio [Petroleo]
earning :Cake - Bezel Set Diamond Hoop Earring 
vest: Buttercups Vintage denim fur jacket
dress:Buttersups White peep sweater dress
pants: Buttercups
belt:[MANDALA]Mikoto Belt/navy blue and silver
shoes:BAX Prestige Boots Brown Leather

on me

hair: boon FTN683 hair
dress: Buttercups Red/cream knit off shoulder
fur stole: Pixel Wish I brown scraf
on Mumu
hair:booN UEJ006 hair black
vest: Buttercups Blue zebra coat
dress: Buttercups
shoes : Slink Lulu Stilettos Metallic Gold

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