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.:Spotlight on … Jack Spoon:.

In this small world called Second Life,
you can meet different types of people.
Well the girl I'm talking about is an integer one by herself.
Refreshing, crazy, fashion, really crazy but so talented.
You all acknowledged Miss Steffy Ghost.

This girl is 
made of the very essence of creation in its most natural and spontaneous.
Thanks  to her  amazing and unexpected stylings, Steffy stands out. 
Good photogapher, she has recently become the designer of Jack Spoon .
The only thing I can say is that she has transmited her crazy tart fresh
 touch to her brand.

Jack Spoon is already part of the lineage of the most fashionable store in 
Second Life,
 and my gut tells me that this is only the beginning of something great

          Yellow look       |    White look     |    Teal look
_skin:  ::LS::Diary            ::LS::Diary         [inaya]Mayura
_hair:  **dura_boy**05       fab-U-lous(shaun)    fab-U-lous(chrismas gift)
_necklace:smsfeather collar   TGF Alisa           wooden necklace modded
_bangle:  bollywood bangle    TGF Alisa           yak & yeki blueset(partof
_earrings:                    TGF Dennis          [glow]studio sky
_glasses:                     FAB.PONY nurave     [[EC]] lol nerdy
_top/dress: Jack spoon Tuaa   jack spoon isa      Chantkare issoni
_pants:                     Nyte n day transpose  Jack spoon bELA legging
_bag:                                             tfg fleshtone satchel
_vest:                        r.icielli scraltt
_henna: yak & yeki
_shoes: vive9 pelaje          skifija sea breeze  combat boots

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