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.:Spotlight on … AZOURY:. (part1)

AZOURY mon amour

HELLO dears, here is my new spotligh on. And today, let’s talk about A brand special to me AZOURY. This brand was my first sponsor, I was a new model desperatly looking for sponsors to enter a contest and I was about to gave up when I saw her shop, I said to myself  « let’s try  one more » and then she said yes. By « she » I mean Mayhem Seetan, one of sweetest owners on sl. Since this day we just  keep working together time to time. That was for the personal side, let’s talk about the fashion side.

AZOURY has grown

Yes indeed! When i look at Mayhem’ items i can see that she has incredibly improve her skills. The shop has took a clearly Avante Garde accent and that suits it well, large skirts, massive attachments and new shapes boots; Mayhem has understood what being a fashion sl girl means. She still does casual outfits with a touch of madness just like her new release La Tenue Anios. Did you see this shoes?!! I am crazy about it…

For me AZOURY represents the best of sl fashion, always upgrading and re-inventing and there are no doubts that she’s gonna be one of the most famous french brand ever in world


La Tenue Anios. OUT wednesday!!!


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